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April 2014

Classics in Colour: seven attractive colours for Thonet tubular steel classics 

As of this spring, Thonet combines past and future in the here and now - with classics and innovations that are presented with frames lacquered in colours: tomato red, white, black, chocolate brown, warm grey, grey-green and mustard yellow are the colours, in which Mart Stam's classic S 43, the lounge chair S 411, the Pure Materials versions of Marcel Breuer's chairs S 32 and S 43, the side table series B 9 and B 97 as well as the new desk S 1200 are now available. In addition, the LUM luminaire is offered in the colours black and white. Managing Director Thorsten Muck explains the idea behind the "Classics in Colour" concept: "Our classics - headed by the tubular steel furniture from the Bauhaus era - deserve continuous care and variation. We currently do justice to this claim with the introduction of the contemporary colours."


Historically anchored, conscious of trends, with durability in mind


In the 1930s, Thonet already lacquered tubular steel frames in colours. For the development of the seven current colours, the Thonet Design Team used the Bauhaus colour theory and Johannes Itten's colour circle as orientation. In addition, it was very important for all of the colours to complement the typical Thonet surfaces of wood and stain colours as well as the textile and leather covers of the furniture. Familiar things in combination with the new, iconic design in modern colours - this also complies with the trend of reinvention, according to Monique van der Reijden, Dutch interior designer and leading trend researcher. For her, the seven new colours for the tubular steel frames are a "state-of-the-art colour palette, with colours that will make design classics last a lifetime."


Colour as a consistent development - colourful classics and innovations


With regard to the question about the original in design, Dr. Klaus Klemp defines serial production - synonymously with the concept of art - as follows for Thonet: "Design as an original is an authentic, creative and qualitatively precise and functioning product with its own characteristics. There are original creations and consistent developments." (Stahlrohrmöbel/Tubular Steel  Furniture, 1999). It is hence simply consistent that some of the absolute tubular steel classics of the Bauhaus era are now coming to the market in colours: one of the first cantilever chairs ever, the S 43 by Mart Stam which entered history as the cantilever chair without back legs, will attract as much attention in black and white as in tomato red. In the case of S 411, an in-house armchair design from the year 1932, lightness, timelessness and a high level of comfort are now paired with elegance and modesty - for example with frames in black or brown - or with pure vividness due to frames in jazzy colours. The "Pure Material" versions of the cantilever icons S 32 and S 64 by Marcel Breuer presented in Cologne in 2013 also have become eye catchers par excellence due to their special vintage touch combined with the new coloured frames - surprising and convincing. The reduced lightweight side table program B 9 (a-d), the table set B 97 and the LUM luminaire also have an entirely new effect in the new colours, giving any space a special touch. However, it is not just the established furniture that shines in new colours - the desk S 1200 brought to market in January 2014 presents itself with various looks from the beginning, as well. 


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