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FLACE Showroom Tokyo


S 8000, A 1700 Evo, S 840, S 95, S 60, 808, 2000, S 285, 214, S 32, 404, B 97, LUM


The FLACE Showroom near the Otemachi-Marunouchi business district in Tokyo offers visitors the possibility to experience furniture by Thonet and other renowned brands in a unique, inspiring ambience. The three showroom sections each represent one of Japan’s geographic regions – in particular, the wall coverings of the individual rooms establish a relation with them: aluminium as a material refers to the country’s northeast, especially the Tohoku region, while solid ash walls are associated with the north of Japan, especially Hokkaido. The high-quality wall coverings made of stone, which alternates between rough and smooth, represent the southern part of the country, for example the province of Okinawa. The flooring matches the walls. The three showroom sections with their specific materials establish a suspenseful dialogue with the exhibited Thonet furniture: wooden furniture such as bentwood sofa 2002 or the iconic Vienna Coffee House Chair 214 harmoniously fit in with the wooden walls and the northern Japanese scenery. Contemporary products, including high-quality conference table systems, are exhibited alongside bentwood and tubular steel classics at the FLACE Showroom, which is operated by the local Thonet partner ACE Creation.