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Photos: © Studio Likeness

Thonet, minimum and Mark Braun on the winner’s podium: trestle m01 receives a German Design Award 2016

The tubular steel trestle m01 by Mark Braun, which has been produced for our specialist trade partner minimum in Berlin since 2014 under the “Manufactured by Thonet” label, has won a German Design Award 2016. The design uses the geometry of a bicycle frame as an analogy and allows the height of this table stand to be easily adjusted from 72 to 85 cm. This feature allows its flexible use for interior design purposes and meets with individual height requirements in offices or home offices. Here, design meets functionality – reason enough for the German Design Council to bestow a German Design Award 2016 on this trestle.

The jury statement: “There are many table stands, the Thonet m01 being one of the few that is height-adjustable. But even in form this furniture is fun, because in an ironic way it quotes the concept of a classic bicycle frame with handle and saddle bars. Just like for a bike, both can simply be pulled out and adjusted to the desired height with a quick-release lever. A beautiful, consistently implemented idea that despite its figurative impression is extremely functional.”

We are delighted that this collaboration resulted in a German Design Award winner. This serves as the perfect incentive to continue the ‘Manufactured by Thonet’ series in the future.